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Things move fast in the world of consumer data. To build loyalty, accelerate your most profitable customers’ spending, and reverse the behavior of declining customers, you’ve got to know those customers inside and out. Lift361 is an analytics company who helps clients gather, understand, and leverage data to drive sales. We help our clients do three things. First, understand who their customers are and how they behave, which leads to insights on how to deepen the relationship. Second, identify the customer’s lifecycle and key triggers to drive sales higher and faster. And third, leverage predictive analytics to better inform marketing and operational decisions. We’re different from our competition because we focus exclusively on analytics. We aren’t trying to sell other products and services, so we can be the unbiased “voice” of the data. We work as an extension of our client’s team providing custom analytics based on their specific needs, not a generic, off-the-shelf solution or platform. And because we are so highly specialized, we can stay nimble and deliver the highest quality. Lift361 – Analytics in Action

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