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mediarithmics is the first European data marketing platform completely open and integrated (DMP, DSP, marketing automation, DCO). mediarithmics proposes its Cloud platform to companies to help them optimize and customize both their marketing acquisition and customer loyalty campaigns. mediarithmics works also with content editors and their advertising agencies to allow them to increase the value of their data asset. mediarithmics platform is focused on: – DMP: open architecture model, real time multi-criteria activation, cross-DMP – DCO: dynamic landing pages and banners with product recommendation, geopersonalization… – Marketing automation multi-channe: real time on-site scenarisation, email, RTB… – Hybrid DSP connected to the whole programmatic display, video and mobile inventory: traditional post-bid optimisation and in automation with a pre-bid optimisation algorithm – Integrated API and Plugins to execute external code on mediarithmics platform