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NetWise is the leading provider of unbranded B2B data. We track over 40 million professionals and 8 million companies and offer 275 B2B Firmographic, Manufacturing and Installed Technology Segments. In addition, we have 40 “IRS Wealth 360” Consumer Tax Segments based on actual consumer tax returns sourced from the IRS. Sample B2B Firmographics, Manufacturing and Installed Technology Segments: Demographics: functional area, high net wealth individuals, age, language Firmographics: company size, company revenue, industry Manufacturing: products manufactured, certifications, government suppliers Technologies Installed: cloud technologies, data center, enterprise applications Sample “IRS Wealth 360” Zip4 Consumer Tax Segments: · Richest 10% of the Nation · Small Business Credit Card · Self-Employed Individuals · Likely to Invest In Stocks · Top 10% of Charitable Donors · Consumers with Medical Expenses


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