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The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk is a technology company that empowers buyers of advertising. The Trade Desk provides a self-service platform that enables ad buyers to manage data-driven digital advertising campaigns using their own teams across various advertising formats, including display, video, and social, and on a multitude of devices, including desktop, mobile devices, and connected TV. By maintaining a pure buy-side focus, The Trade Desk delivers on branding and performance for clients worldwide. 

With LiveRamp and The Trade Desk, advertisers can onboard first- and third-party data in a privacy-conscious way in order to enable exceptional customer experiences. Additionally, with an expanded collaboration with The Trade Desk, LiveRamp is enhancing its Authenticated Identity Infrastructure with the inclusion of Unified ID 2.0. Marketers can also bid on LiveRamp’s identifier within The Trade Desk’s platform, giving them increased access to omnichannel addressable inventory.



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