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TrueData™ is one of the largest mobile-first data platforms and the leader in audience targeting innovation. We deliver privacy-certified data captured directly from our network of hundreds of apps.

With TrueData, advertisers can build precise audiences and gain insights from billions of deterministic behaviors across 200MM+ monthly active US users.

  • App Ownership: Select from 6,000+ apps to reach consumer interests and brand relationships
  • Demographics: Sort by age, gender (optimized by Experian), and/or language
  • Device Characteristics: Choose specific device models, manufacturers, carriers, or operating systems
  • Place Visitation Data: Select customers who have visited specific retail locations in a specific time period.

Sync any customer transaction data file using our LiveRamp connection to build machine learning audiences guaranteed to deliver results. Activate your omnichannel campaign with our integration with mobile, social, desktop, OTT/CTV, and any MarTech/AdTech.

Over 250+ brands trust us to acquire, engage, and retain customers.


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