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DSP and DMP Virool’s DSP and DMP serve advertisers. We are a programmatic video distribution platform that allows brands and agencies to deliver emotionally engaging content across the web. Our DSP (demand side platform) is the technology that provides programmatic media buying across multiple sources, including our direct and exchange inventory partners. Our DMP (data management platform) is the technology that allows us to collect, aggregate, analyze and ultimately activate audience profiles for our video campaigns. Combined, these technologies form three unique pillars that differentiate us in the marketplace and add value to our clients: Virool’s SSP (supply side platform) serves publishers, and is a technology that enables publishers to manage their out-stream or in-article ad inventory and increase revenue. Similar technology powers our DSP and SSP, but with our SSP we are focused on maximizing the volume and value of the impressions served on each publisher’s site. Virool enables publishers to use our SSP to deliver their direct-sold demand in addition to programmatic fill, strengthening our relationship with publishers and allowing us exclusive access to inventory.